The Weekly Jab Newsletter

The Weekly Jab newsletter is compiled by NCIRS to provide a summary of the latest resources, news, media, events, publications and career opportunities related to immunisation each week. It aims to keep immunisation professionals up to date with the latest information related to vaccination and vaccine preventable diseases. 

Updates to NCIRS resources are communicated via The Weekly Jab as are all NCIRS events, including seminars, webinars and workshops. 

To subscribe to The Weekly Jab

At the time of subscription, applicants are asked to provide their full name, position, organisation they work for or represent and a brief outline of their involvement with immunisation. If the information received from the applicant meets the criteria, the subscription request is approved.

Subscribers are also offered the opportunity to become a member of the Australian Immunisation Professionals Network (NCIRS-AIP) discussion forum. Simply select both options when completing the subscription form.

To subscribe to The Weekly Jab, please go to the subscription page and follow the instructions there. 

Last updated November 2018